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The Digital Marketing Handbook


The Digital Marketing Handbook by Robert W. Bly

Entrepreneur Press, 2018

According to Robert Bly, ‘Marketing funnels of consumer products are the various paths on which potential customers travel to reach their destination: the purchase of a product’. He goes further to say that ‘you need a sales funnel so that when potential clients come to you site, you can take them through the service-selling process: generate an inquiry, qualify the prospect, fulfil the lead, follow-up, give a cost-estimate or proposal, and close the sale’.

These are just some of the enlightening pieces of information that Bly shares in his book from Entrepreneur Press entitled The Digital Marketing Handbook (2018). Topping over 300 pages, Bly’s book offers an enormous treasure trove on information relating to digital marketing, as well as photos, detailed diagrams/ Infographics, step-by-step instructions, helpful tips and everything written in the style one would expect from a Copywriter with more than four decades of experience in B2B and direct response marketing.

For serious marketers, bloggers, copywriters and content writers, Bly’s step-by-step guide to creating websites that sell, doesn’t disappoint.

In his book, Bly tackles the rudiments of online (digital) marketing, creating sales funnels, business models and automated email marketing. To be completely truthful, I discovered a wealth of ideas and inspiration for our own business, I was so absorbed in his careful step-by-step instructions, that I found myself making notes and diagrams of my own and I have started to implement them.

I was in fact so inspired by his writing style, that I ordered another book of his (The Copywriter’s Handbook) which I will also review once I have gone through the book.

Whether you are only starting out a new business or blog and looking for a useful guide to digital marketing, or another engaging book from Robert W Bly, The Digital Marketing Handbook is sure to please.

If you decide to also read the book, let me know what you thought of it.

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