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Template of a Resumé

Do you really need a Resumé?

You may think that you don’t need a Resumé because you already have a Blog or a Portfolio to which you can refer when applying for a Freelance position.

This is however not advisable. Most of my Freelance opportunities I got from my LinkedIn network and I assure you almost all of the clients wanted a copy of my Resumé in spite of the fact that my profile on LinkedIn contains all of the required information.

If you have a Resumé ready to submit to a potential client, it also indicates that you are a professional Freelance Writer. By all means, refer clients to your Blog or online Portfolio, but have your Resumé at hand as part of your Media Kit.

Here you will find a FREE template of a Resumé which you can download an customize as you see fit.

Download your Free Resumé Template

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