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How to Write to Sell as a Freelance Copywriter

Writing to Sell

As a published writer and having written many Newsletters and articles for Magazines during my career as a Negotiator, I thought I would be able to jump in and start writing as a Freelance Copywriter. I had no idea what a Copywriter was, but I could write. How difficult could it be? I set up my LinkedIn account and signed up for all the Freelance Writing sites I have mentioned in my Blog. I was ready, willing and able to be a Freelance Copywriter. Hello World, here I come!

Big mistake!! Being a writer and even being able to write to communicate with people does provide you with writing skills and even skills to influence people with what you have to say. It however does not prepare you for the world of Copywriting.

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So, you want to be a Freelance Copywriter?

What do Copywriters do?

‘A copywriter is a salesperson behind a typewriter’ – Judith Charles.

This quote obviously stems from the time before computers, but the basics of what a copywriter is has not changed in this new era of technological change. Copywriting is still regarded as writing that is promotional in nature and is created (written) to appear in any medium whether it is in print, television, radio, video, web copy (the internet) etc.

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