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We are happy to launch our first issue of Freelancer Magazine. Writers who feel their Articles are of a Nature to be featured in the Magazine can apply accordingly. Unfortunately, only subscribers will be featured. Selection rules will apply and not all articles will be featured.

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The Freelancer is a Magazine which is a place where other Freelancers and Writers can feature their quality writing.

To ensure that our audience gets the best reader experience, we’ve created some Submission Guidelines:

Use your own words and your own perspective.

  • Your article must be in line with the mission of The Freelance Writing Blog and must be in line with the rest of the content of the Blog. No political articles will be accepted.
  • Introduce yourself and let readers know who you are and what you write about.
  • Use an appropriate title and subtitle to best reflect what you are writing about.
  • Please ensure that your writing is grammatically correct before submitting it.
  • Please submit an appropriate image(s) (in line with the content of the Blog) and which has no copyright restrictions.
  • Your article should not exceed 1000 words.
  • Unfortunately, articles will not be paid, but you will receive recognition and exposure by posting in the Freelancer.

Please take note that not all articles will be approved and placed in the Magazine, but you will be informed accordingly.



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