So you want to be a Blogger and make money with your Blog?

So you want to be a Blogger and make money with your Blog?

You have already seen the First Course on Freelance Writing which has been posted on the Blog and is COMPLETELY FREE to follow.

We have now (in co-operation with an expert website designer, whose own website is on the First Page of Google for Website Designers in Pretoria, developed a COMPLETELY FREE YOU TUBE COURSE on How to Start a Blog from Scratch with WordPress and the Divi Theme.

Starting a Blog for free is not easy. You are a Lifestyle or Travel Blogger or you just want to start Business where you can sell courses or any other digital product. If you’re a beginner and don’t know how to start building your Blog, don’t worry, this COMPLETELY FREE SERIES OF 18 VIDEOS will tell you exactly how to build your Blog on the WordPress Platform with no coding involved. This is how to make a Blog for Beginners in a Nutshell. Eitel Bock from Webscripto is thanked for his expertise in setting up this series. You will find all the videos in the Start Blog From Scratch Playlist. Please follow them in the correct order for them to make sense to you. They are marked from 1 to 18.

Blogging could never be easier to set up with this series.

Start your Blog now and start making money working from home.


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