So, you want a Return on Investment on your Email Marketing?

So, you want a Return on Investment on your Email Marketing?

I completely understand where you’re coming from. I was one of those big ‘doubters’ that it is at all worthwhile to include emails as a marketing channel in my overall marketing strategy. After all email marketing is dead, right? Wrong! Email Marketing is by far the most effective marketing tool that you can deploy in your entire marketing arsenal.

I read Digital Marketing for Dummies (because I felt I was one and I needed to learn fast) from cover to cover – you will find the link to the book at the bottom of the post – and it was fascinating to learn that emails return an average 4300 percent return on investment in the United States alone. I thought wow! I kept reading and learned that emails were so effective in delivering on your investment as they are both cost effective and time saving.

Well, if you really think about it, consider your own routine. What is the very first thing you do when you wake up in the morning? If you’re like me, you roll over and take your mobile phone to see who mailed you and after that, you look to see if there were any social media notifications. I honestly think this is the routine followed by most people with smart mobile phones these days.

I checked the analytics of my Blog the other day and I was surprised to see that in fact, most of the visitors to my Blog, accessed the Blog through their mobile phones. I thought well, if mobile phones were the device of choice and would in fact be on in the morning long before you hauled out your laptop and set it up, then it must be true that most people would access their emails early in the morning. That meant that email marketing was probably still King in the land of Digital Marketing.

What to do? I was no expert on email marketing, and had no system in place, but I knew that I should start working on that marketing channel as soon as possible and get some subscribers. You will remember that I spoke about offering a freebie for email sign-ups in an earlier post. I already had my freebie in place and just needed to get a bulk email service provider set up to start working on that all-important subscriber list.

I investigated all the options available to me, but at that point in time, it seemed that the best option for me and my business was to sign up for ConvertKit. The reason why I chose ConvertKit over any other bulk email service provider was that it provided me with the option of creating both an opt-in form and a landing page (which is hosted by ConvertKit). The overriding reason for me was however the fact that if I got a new subscriber, ConvertKit immediately delivered the opt-in freebie (which is an e-book) to the subscriber. The other service providers simply did not meet all the criteria I had in mind to effectively deploy my email marketing strategy. They also provided me with a free e-training course to help me to understand how to use the service.

I’ll be telling you a lot more about email marketing in posts to come. For now, it’s necessary that we understand that email marketing can have an enormous impact on our customer engagement and can significantly increase our ROI.
Let me know what your experiences are relating to your marketing strategies and what makes it work for you.
Take care and keep tuned.


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