Sales funnels: Your Key to Online Business Success

Sales funnels: Your Key to Online Business Success

Chances are, you’ve run into a sales funnel at one point in your life. You may not realize it, but signing up for that free money-saving tip, or your favorite blog’s newsletter is a sales funnel in itself. 

The funny thing is, many business owners don’t know the merits of running a successful funnel. And even then, it can be difficult to create one that cultivates a high conversion rate. 

So if you’re considering how to create your own sales funnels – and find success with it, here are some tips top entrepreneurs and professionals have for you. 

But first, you need to be able to determine what a sales funnel is.

What is a sales funnel? 

A sales funnel is a multi-tier campaign employed by professionals and businesses to get you into their “loop”. 

It consists of multiple pages, offers, and announcements that are designed to encourage conversion and customer retention. 

Most sales funnels start as simple as an invitation to sign up to a website’s newsletter. Others require you to input your email address before you can access their website, while some start off with a discounted offer to lure you in. 

But sales funnels don’t stop there. These are designed to gather leads. Afterwards, you’ll be encouraged to stay connected to the brand or business through a series of newsletters, exclusive offers, and more. 

How do I promote my sales funnel? 

The best way to promote a sales funnel depends on what works for your business. This might start off as a trial and error endeavor, but you could also keep these things in mind to minimize mistakes.

Blog funnels

For blog funnels, the first thing you need to focus on is to make sure you have quality content on your website. Aside from that, placement is key

Make sure you study your web heat maps to determine the best placement for your lead magnet.

Here are some top options for lead magnet placement of blog funnels:

  • Sidebar of the blog post
  • Header of the blog post
  • Text links within the post
  • In the footer
  • Triggered pop-ups

Video funnels

With the entire world relying heavily on mobile devices and streaming services for entertainment and news, video funnels have become increasingly popular. 

Research also suggests that videos ultimately have better engagement compared to other types of posts. 

The main key is to make sure your videos are interesting, eye-catching, and have valuable content. 

Social media funnels

Social media platforms are one of the most popular (and relatively free or cost-effective) mediums for digital marketing. 

Since over 80 percent of the world population is on social media, this makes it only logical to try and dip your toes into the market. 

  • Make sure your posts are valuable instead of focusing on sharing links
  • Determine the best times to share posts to maximize engagement. 


Keep in mind that not all sales funnel mediums will work for you. It’s important to do your research and identify which platforms would be best for your brand or business. 

For more information, and a more in-depth guide of sales funnel creation plus some tips and tricks to make sure your sales funnels work, check out my full-length sales funnel tutorial.