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Podcast Episode 4: What kind of jobs are available to Freelance Writers?

“Who wants to become a writer? And why? Because it’s the answer to everything. … It’s the streaming reason for living. To note, to pin down, to build up, to create, to be astonished at nothing, to cherish the oddities, to let nothing go down the drain, to make something, to make a great flower out of life, even if it’s a cactus.” —Enid Bagnold


What kind of jobs can Freelance Writers do?

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Let’s get today’s show started with myself as your host. I am a fellow freelancer and Blogger, and my name is Kim Bock.

I thought it would be appropriate if we start this next episode of The Freelance Writing Blog Podcast with the kind of jobs you can perform as a Freelance Writer.

Before we even start with this topic, it is necessary to learn what the concept ‘Freelance’ actually means.

According to the Writer’s Bureau, ‘a freelance writer is a writer who works on a self-employed basis. They can work for just one magazine or, more often, they write for several different publications at a time. The more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be published and paid for their work’.

This doesn’t mean that Freelance Writer only writes for magazines or other kinds of publications. Writersedit has identified 5 major types of Freelance Writing Jobs. These are:

Article/Feature writing

This includes writing for magazines and newspapers, but can also include writing online content for magazines, journals and news outlets. This can be a more viable and lucrative option than concentrating only on print magazines and newspapers. There are so many websites which cover every topic under the sun and speaks to every kind of audience, that you may be able to get a freelance writing opportunity much easier, writing for the web, than for print articles.

Content/ Copywriting

We dealt with the difference between Copywriting and Content marketing in the previous podcast episode. It is however important to note that content marketing in the business world has become very important as more and more businesses start establishing their own online presence. The recent bankruptcy of big stores who have not gone with the times and started selling their products online, or at least creating an online presence, is proof of how important online marketing and digital branding has become. Brick and mortar stores are taking a backseat to online stores like Amazon.

This is why there is such a surge in the demand for copywriters and content marketers. Content marketing in the words of Writersedit, nowadays is king.

Please read the freelancewritingblog.com’s article, So you want to become a Freelance Copywriter for detail on the different publications that Freelance Copywriters are writing today. In summary however, some of the content you may be creating as a Copywriter or content marketer is:

  • Advertising copy
  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • EDMs
  • Press releases
  • White papers
  • Ebooks


Although Blogging can be considered a subcategory of content writing it can also be a standalone freelance activity.

Here we are however referring to blogging as an individual, or guest blogging.

We have in the freelancewritingblog.com written extensively about how you can create a blog from scratch and if you are a newbie blogger wanting to establish your own presence online, you can follow our step by step guide which we set out in the Blog.

According to Writersedit, and I agree with them, ‘once you have established your own blog and grown a community of readers, there are a number of ways you can monetise your blog, as well as writing posts for other websites (and getting paid for it!)’. We have followed that strategy with success ourselves.

Social media content creation

HubSpot summed it up perfectly. ‘To be masters of their trade, social media marketers should be able to build an engaged and enthusiastic community, prove that social media supports the company’s or brand’s goals, balance self-promotion with content marketing, maintain a strong presence on the relevant networks, and incorporate outbound efforts’.

Remember when I said in freelancewritingblog.com that we are in the midst of a digital revolution? Branding and content creation in social media is part of that digital revolution. Where people used to passively see ads in newspapers and magazines or see an advert on television and not be able to interact with it, everything has changed. Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, have made it possible for people to actively engage with your brand and this interactivity has impacted on how everyone see and experience your brand. As a content marketer, you can use your skills to encourage greater participation and engagement with your own brand, or you can make your services available to other companies and brands to do their social media content creation for them and to establish their digital brand on the world-wide web. The possibilities are endless for a freelance writer like yourself.


As a Freelance editor or a proofreader you can make your services available to clients, such as companies who want their content checked or other writers who need an editor for their book.

You can even combine freelance editing with freelance writing and in this way diversify and extend your income stream.

Do you see yourself creating an income as a Freelance Writer with any of the above income streams?

If the answer is ‘yes’, congratulations! You have reached a milestone in your life as an independent creative entrepreneur. If you want to learn more about Freelance Writing and of how I started my own career as a Freelance Writer, visit freelancewritingblog.com. Also, while you are there, take our fun quiz and see if you have what it takes to become a Freelance Writer.

We hope you enjoyed this week’s episode of the Podcast of The Freelance Writing Blog.

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See you next time when we will be discussing the tools and skills you need to become a successful Freelance Writer.



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