Online Marketing and How You can Benefit from it

Online Marketing and How You can Benefit from it

Now you have designed and launched your Blog and you are Blogging a storm, but how are you going to get your Blog in front of the eyes that will click on your affiliate links and buy the Products that will generate the income you need?

We are so lucky that we are living in a digital age. When I grew up and started working, there weren’t event that many computers around and a fax machine was a terrific invention!

Marketing then, was traditional and very expensive. Advertising Agencies made a fortune because there was no other way than through the old methods of Bill Boards, Television and Radio ads and Newspaper Ads, that you could get your Business noticed.

These days we know that people scarcely notice Bill Boards, skip the Newspaper Ads and fast forward through the expensive television ads. Luckily for us the world is now functioning in a global market place and you can reach anyone anywhere (if they haven’t gone unplugged ????) if you have a computer or even just a smart phone and you are connected to the Internet.

Digital Marketing is the fastest growing set of marketing strategies available today and will continue to grow far into the future. It’s also not even that expensive. It includes Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Video Marketing. In addition, you get your paid marketing strategies which includes Google AdWords, Facebook, and Twitter Advertising.

Google AdWords in my mind is the most effective and is what is called Pay-Per-Click advertising. You participate in a bidding process where you ‘purchase’ keywords for a certain price and which determines where in the search results your Ad will appear. You only pay when someone who is searching on Google, uses your keyword and clicks on your Ad. Much more cost effective than the traditional Billboards, Newspaper and Television Ads. You don’t even have the assurance that someone will notice these Ads and you pay a fortune for them!

What is my point, you ask? Currently the world’s economic climate is very uncertain, and markets fluctuate from day to day. You can therefore not afford to ignore marketing trends if you want your business (and Blogging is a business too), to succeed. Digital is the way forward and is here to stay.

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