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Your Story Interactive


Your Story Interactive, creators of Romance Club – the #1 Interactive Fiction Game in the Russian Market – has an exciting remote opportunity to join our Romance Writers’ Room crafting fresh and original episodic interactive fiction for the English-speaking market. We’re looking for incredibly talented writing pros that are interested in bringing their voice to a new mobile platform for romantic graphical fiction! All genres are on the table—sci-fi, fantasy, western, comedy, horror, you name it—as long as your stories have characters that readers will fall for and steamy romances that will leave them wanting more. We’re aiming to be the HBO or Netflix Originals of interactive romance fiction, and we need the best to help us make that happen.

What you’ll do:

* Take ownership of your story and its world
* Craft a brilliant long-term, multi-season plot
* Write branching dialogue and narration
* Be open to feedback, and work changes into the story as needed
* Make sure your copy is clean and error free for publication
* Keep your readers wanting more
* Make your readers swoon (the art team can help with this one)
* Make your readers cry (on occasion, as required)
* Tell the art and sound teams what your story needs for each chapter
* Provide feedback on assets as they are created

Who you are:

* Wickedly creative and a master of snappy dialogue
* A worldbuilder, ready to amaze readers with how well-thought-out your stories are
* Self-driven and good at self-managing your time to meet writing deadlines
* A fast learner, quick to pick up and run with new workflows
* Well-established in writing fiction (3+ years experience)
* Willing and able to work in the 17+ romance genre (including LGBTQ romances)
* Ready to get started

(*** Please note this role is NOT for sexually explicit content. We do ROMANCE. ***)

Major Bonus Points:

* Experience with interactive fiction

* Experience with the Ink scripting language

* Experience in working in games

Our Hiring Process:

1) You will somehow or another see this ad.
2) You contact us via email with a cover letter and links to resume and/or portfolio.
3) We find the best applicants and contact them for a brief interview.
4) You will be asked to conduct a short writing/design test and pitch.

(This portion is paid! We’re not monsters!)
5) We onboard you and you’re off to the races. Then we give you money and things.

Send your info our way directly at:

writers //// @ //// yourstoryinteractive.com

*** Our team is pure virtual, and this position is work-from-home ***

*** Our team is diverse, and we encourage applications of all backgrounds and identities ***

*** We anticipate a ton of applicants for this position. Apologies if it takes us a while to get back to you! ***


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