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Presto Media

We’re hoping to hire 2-3 SEO-experienced writers to help us with a niche website project on electric transportation (ebikes, escooters, mopeds, etc.) for a U.S. audience.

Please apply to [email protected] if the following describes you:

  • Experienced with SEO-optimized articles designed to rank
  • Experience with “how to” or “explainer” style content
  • Good research skills (how to find good nuggets of info from forums, related searches, user reviews, etc.)
  • Native English/fluent English writing

Writers with personal interest/experience with electric transportation are preferred.

We will provide the topics, keyword research, and very detailed briefs. From a writer, we’re looking primarily for a good, error-free reading experience with professional style and a relatable, neighborly tone, as well as the ability to incorporate the SEO strategy we provide.

Articles will range from 1,000-word quick explainer posts which pay 5CPW (~$50) to more in-depth, 3,000+ word posts for 7CPW (~$200+).

If interested, please send an email to [email protected] including:

  • Brief cover letter (please keep this to ~200 words, emphasize why you’re a good fit, talk about your experience with e-transpo, and/or the kind of writing we’re looking for. If you don’t have experience with either, this probably won’t be a good match!)
  • Relevant samples on the topic of e-transportation, SEO articles, and how-to/explainer content.
  • Links to professional profiles/website/reviews from happy customers/etc.

Please make sure to include all of the above or we won’t consider the application.

We look forward to connecting with you!




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