How to use Humor Effectively in Creative Writing

How to use Humor Effectively in Creative Writing

Have you been feeling under the weather at all? We all know that corona virus is still going around and that it’s very serious, but it’s possible you could have a different bug. The travel bug. Many of us are used to having the opportunity to explore new places, and not being able to at the moment can be rather disappointing. However, as we all do our best to stay home and stop the spread, maybe we don’t have to be yearning to get to some places too quickly.

Iconic U.S. attractions like the Liberty Bell Center in Philadelphia, Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, and the Empire State Building in New York City are certainly well known places, but are they worth the visit? Some visitors took to Yelp to express a resounding… well maybe not so much. We all know that words are powerful, but who knew Yelp could be so satirical?

So if you’re looking for a little laughter, to feel better about not being able to travel at the moment, or even just some inspiration on how to write hilarious pieces, check out the quotes below.

Negative reviews of Golden Gate Bridge

“The bridge just….. sat there.” – Jared L.
“I’m not a fan of the color red.” – Michael R.

Negative reviews of Grand Canyon National Park
“Too big. Couldn’t even swim inside the bowl of rocks. Also I broke my ankle. I do like rocks tho which is why it has one star.” – Hannah M.

“I have been to Yellowstone twice, with buffalo herds walking near my car, an entire elk herd passing me when i went hiking, bald eagles so big I thought it was Jurassic Park, bears twice, and even a wolf trying to steal a baby buffalo and the standoff among a herd. And at the Grand Canyon?  A hole.  A very, very large hole.” – Ken B.

Negative reviews of the Empire State Building
“So you are charging me $38 just so that I can take an elevator up and look outside a window?” – Cyn V.
“It is like 40 dollars and I had to walk up seven flights of stairs like really that’s a lot!!!” – Bryce G.

Negative reviews of Mount Rushmore
“not very good. kind of scary in my opinion. my little sister cried. do NOT bring kids to this thing.” – Dan L.
“World’s most mysterious natural rock formation Mountainous Rushmore was underwhelming and a lot smaller than promised.” – Drew C.

Negative reviews of The Cloud Gate
“Low key lots of fingerprint smudges” – Justin L.
“It is a large piece of reflective steel.  We took a couple of pics and kept going” – Cali L.

Negative reviews of The White House
“Absolutely stood on the ground of the White House. Unimpressed. Huge crane out front blocking what was supposed to be a magnificent” – Suzan H.
“The tour is self guided and truthfully the rooms look old and very dated.” – Joy J.



Julia Morrissey

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