How to Pitch to a Potential Client, Editor or Owner-Blogger (Infographic Included)

How to Pitch to a Potential Client, Editor or Owner-Blogger (Infographic Included)

You have this wonderful article in mind, or better still, you have already written it, but you still have to overcome obstacles to getting it published.

Pitching ideas is often quite different from a sales pitch for a tangible product. You have to appeal to people’s emotions which is much more difficult than using logic and reasoning.

In one of my previous articles, I have mentioned that I have issued my first copy of Freelancer Magazine. Magazines, Blogs or Op-Eds are the perfect sources which you can use to establish your credibility as a copywriter.

Because it is so difficult to pitch an idea or even a fully written article, you must be ready and able to submit the perfect pitch. I have included an Infographic which sets out what you should include in your query letter to an editor:

An Infographic on how to pitch to an editor

With the above in mind and your article and query letter ready and available to submit, you should however not lose sight of the fact that lots of Magazines or Blogs (like the Huffington Post, for example), have particular submission guidelines. Make sure you know these Guidelines and that you keep to them when you submit your article for review and publication.

Submissions are Invited for Freelancer Magazine

Copywriters, Bloggers, Authors and Freelance Writers are now invited to submit an article in line with the submission guidelines for Freelancer Magazine. The closing date is 16 May 2019.

Not all of the articles will be published, but I will inform you of the outcome of your submission. Please note however that the publication of your article will not be a paid publication, but you will gain extensive exposure as I will publish the Magazine on all of the major social media platforms.

Good luck and let me know how you go about pitching to editors, agents, publishers and other organisations.


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