How I started Making a Living from my Writing

How I started Making a Living from my Writing

You Can Also be a Freelance Writer

Take a page from my book so to speak. I spent more than 20 years as a negotiator at a Trade Union for Public Servants. Although I love working with people, I did not feel that I was in a fulfilling job as I could not fully express my creativity. Yes, I connected with a vast range of different people daily and my job did include writing Newsletters for our members. It was however not connecting with that left hemisphere of my brain in the way I wanted it to.

In 2008 my father passed away after a brave, but painful fight with lung cancer and it made me think where my own life was going. I realised that although I was frequently saying that I wanted to be a writer, I was getting nowhere with this dream and time was passing faster every year (or so it felt).

With the encouragement of my husband, I took a writing course and sat down to write my very first novel. A very good friend at work helped me to edit my historical romance and early in 2009, I got enough courage to approach one of South Africa’s largest publishing houses with my manuscript. I was ecstatic when my novel was accepted and published in September of that year.

You would think that everything changed after that. Well it didn’t. My job became even more demanding that before and I completely lost the impetus to continue with my writing career. In 2013 my mother passed away suddenly and in 2015 my husband suffered a heart attack.

We decided that enough was enough and that we should consider where our lives were going. We resigned from our day jobs and never looked back. I am not saying that you should now pack up and leave your job to pursue your dream as a writer on a full time basis. Getting to the point of making a living from your writing takes a lot of hard work. You can however start with your plans before you quit your day job.

I started working on my professional profile on LinkedIn and as my network grew, my opportunities to write on a freelance basis increased. I joined other sites like and started Blogging for Companies who did not employ full time writers. I also started academic writing for a well-know Learning Institute. Jointly my husband and I also started a Digital Marketing Agency called WebScripto and I am happy to say that we are doing quite well as entrepreneurs and our creativity is boosted daily.

In the coming weeks, I will be sharing all my tips with you on how to make a living as a Freelance Writer. Writing is hard work and very challenging, but it is my life’s dream and I am living that dream. You can too. Stay tuned and please subscribe to my Newsletter.