How to Land High-Paying Writing Jobs

Writing is a field that often does not get recognition as a financially responsible choice. You frequently hear of authors in the category of “starving artists,” trying to make it doing their dream. There are also those who joke about English majors spending a lot of money on a degree that won’t help them get a job.

However, writing professionally is an incredibly diverse and expansive field, with more opportunities than writing a novel. The variance of jobs combined with the endless reach of the internet provides an open avenue to high-paying writing jobs for those who know where to look.

The secret to high-paying writing jobs starts with knowing how to properly market your abilities, knowing where to find the jobs, and how to snag those jobs from your competitors. If you learn how to master these skills, you should be able to keep customers coming back, ensuring not only high-paying writing jobs but consistent ones as well.

We’ll guide you as you begin your search for high-paying writing jobs.

Types of high-paying writing jobs

The common myth about high-paying writing jobs, especially within the world of online freelance writing, is that the market is oversaturated. Contrary to this belief, there are not too many writers for the number of people and businesses who are actively searching for people to complete their writing projects.

While it may take a bit of time to become established within the area of writing you wish to begin working in, you’ll find that once you’ve established yourself as a reliable and quality writer you will be able to find high-paying jobs.

Your first question should be: where do I look for high-paying writing jobs? The answer is quite simple: online. The intimidation that most feel when searching for jobs evaporates a bit when done safely from behind your screen. You can research writing jobs in almost any category. Once you determine if you would like to write social media content, write blog posts, or ghostwrite an entire novel, you’ll find yourself narrowing in on the style of writing you prefer.

Once your preferred writing genre is selected, you can dig a bit deeper. You’ll find that most of the high-paying jobs are ones that require you to work with one buyer over a longer period of time. This can look different depending on the type of job it is.

For jobs in blog writing or social media content, you might work with a larger company, which will pay more to have someone consistently write for them.

Ghostwriting a novel or e-book will have a higher payment due to the length of writing and the necessity for the author to find someone who provides them with the exact style of writing they require.

Best freelancing jobs platforms

Armed with the knowledge that longer paying gigs or jobs that require an established professional relationship will pay more, you can now figure out where you can find your greatest source of job listings. Luckily, in the age of ever-evolving online platforms, there are job boards and writing platforms that will connect you to potential customers. It’s never been easier to find the jobs that will pay the best.

Some of the platforms you can browse are:

These platforms will offer you the opportunity to either set up a profile or look through available jobs. Another great feature is that you can directly see the price that jobs go for, either as you set up your profile or browse projects.

For example, looking through ghostwriters on Fiverr, you can see that higher-paying jobs as a book ghostwriter can go from a few hundred dollars to over a thousand dollars. You may have to start with slightly lower-paying jobs at first, depending on your qualifications and experience. However, once you’ve built up your ratings or your reputation as a reliable writer, you’ll be able to raise your prices.

You might have to search a bit, but once you’ve identified that writers that are making the amount of money you would like to make, look at their qualifications, the number of reviews they have, and their job descriptions. This can guide you as you determine what you need to do to reach their status.

How to get a high-paying writing job

When searching for high-paying writing jobs, the final piece of the puzzle is setting yourself apart from other writers. The truth is that even if you know where to find excellent writing jobs, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to secure it or keep your customers returning for additional projects. You’ll need to stand out as an excellent and efficient option.

  1. You’ll want to create a clear profile that demonstrates your abilities.
  2. Have a portfolio with writing samples ready for potential clients.
  3. Respond to communication quickly.
  4. Submit writing on time every time or communicate otherwise.

As with any profession, you’ll want to present yourself well. You’re a solution to their problem, and you want to be the solution that they rate well and return to time and time again. By creating a positive experience for your customers, you can forge strong working relationships that ensure not only a high payment but also consistency.

Finding writing jobs that pay well isn’t the most straightforward task in the world if you don’t know where to look (or everyone would be doing it), but it can be once you learn the ins and outs of where to look and how to leverage yourself as the best option.