Freelancer Magazine Issue 1

Freelancer Magazine Issue 1

The Freelance Writing Blog is excited to announce that we have issued our very first Freelancer Magazine. Please feel free to browse through the Magazine and give us your inputs.

Our aim is to in future afford other writers the opportunity to publish their work and advice to fellow authors in the Magazine.


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Kim Bock

Freelancer, Blogger, Online Marketer & Teacher at The Freelance Writing Blog
Kim writes for individuals, big & small companies, and Blogs. She is an experienced Negotiator (Industrial Relations) and she is also currently the Marketing Manager for WebScripto. See more in the 'About' section of Freelancewritingblog.com
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  1. Mitchel Hall

    Excellent job! The magazine is very professionally done and it’s clear you’ve put in a tremendous amount of hard work getting this fruition. Being new to freelance writing, I am reading many articles on “how to’s,” blog posts, researching these sites saying freelancing is easy, etc. It can be overwhelming and I’m discovering there is poorly written content by people who say they’ve been doing this for many years. Hmm…that gives this newbie hope.

    I especially liked the June issue. The articles about copywriting, the steps taken to publish a blog post, and dealing with procrastination all rang true with I’m now beginning to put into daily practice.

    Keep up the good work!



    • Kim Bock

      Hi Mitchel,

      Thank you very much for your comment. Personally, I find them both positive and uplifting. It definitely motivates me to write more. The Article in the June issue about Procrastination was written by one of our readers and I will be sure to convey your positive comments to her as well.

      I wish you every success in your chosen career in Freelance Writing. Maybe, when you feel you are ready you can contribute an article to the Magazine yourself!

      Kind regards



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