9 Best Online Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

Best online freelance writing jobs for beginners

Looking for the best online freelance writing jobs? You’re in the right place. In this ultimate beginners guide, I’m going to go through the best writing jobs for freelancers. Ready to get started? Let’s do this.

Freelance writing is the perfect job if you’re looking for flexibility in your lifestyle. You can live essentially anywhere that has a stable WiFi connection and become your own boss. You can also participate in freelance writing as a way to make some additional income on the side.

Regardless of your motivation or approach to freelance writing, once you’ve decided that you’re going to begin, the next step is finding your way into the freelance writing community.

I’m sure you have questions like: Where do you find clients? How do you market yourself? What credentials do you need to have to land freelance writing jobs?

Luckily for you, multiple platforms make it easy for new writers to get started building their business. Some require a fee, many are free, but all of them will make your life a little bit easier as you begin your new freelance writing business.

What are the best freelance writing jobs for beginners? Let’s find out.

Best freelance writing jobs for beginners

1. Fiverr

Fiverr dominates the world of freelance work. You can find someone to do work ranging from music production, marketing, tutoring, and of course, freelance writing. Their platform is easy to use, and there are no out-of-pocket fees associated with putting your profile on their site. They do, however, take 20% of what you make from each of your jobs for using their platform.

Due to its high volume of customers and freelancers, Fiverr has a free online course you can take that will teach you how to use their platform and best utilize their resources.

With Fiverr, you’ll be able to connect with clients all over the world with different projects. You’ll have the option to work on almost any type of writing project you can think of. This includes ghostwriting books, e-books, blogs, articles, product reviews, and the list continues.

It may take some time to build your client list, but once you have accumulated great reviews and a steady stream of jobs, you’ll be good to go.

What makes them great:

  • Easy to use system
  • Flexible pricing
  • Levels (help you reach more clients)

2.  Flexjobs

Flexjobs is an excellent resource for anyone more broadly looking for remote work. Offering job opportunities in over 50 professional fields, their site is well-organized and provides you with the support you need as you embark on your remote work experience.

Their job postings method is slightly different from the previously mentioned platforms due to their expansive offerings in areas of expertise other than writing.

Rather than simply creating a profile and having customers reach out to you with jobs, you can see the jobs posted in the writing category and apply. This provides you with the autonomy to search through roles, have a complete understanding of what the position entails, and apply.

Additionally, unlike Fiverr and Upwork, many of these roles of full-time remote work with one customer, as opposed to working more sporadically on projects. If you’re looking to make the full-time transition into the world of freelance writing, Flexjobs is an excellent resource for you.

What makes them great:

  • Career coaching
  • Resume review
  • Full-time opportunities

3. Upwork

Upwork is another powerhouse freelancing site. It offers jobs in a range of fields, boasting that giants like Microsoft, Airbnb, and GoDaddy use their platform for freelance work. They have an expansive selection of writing jobs for freelance writing, spanning creative jobs, resume writing, and translation.

You’ll be able to post a particular job you’re interested in completing (online writer, literature reviewer, etc.) and allow your clients to come to you. There are no fees when you sign up, though they will take out a percentage of your earnings as the fee for using their platform.

The exciting thing is that, unlike other platforms, the rate they take depends on profits from that specific project. They take 20% for projects $500 or under, 10% for projects between $500.01 to $10,000, and 5% for projects over $10,000.

What makes them great:

  • Higher pricing
  • Badges as you complete more jobs

4.  Text Broker

Text Broker provides writers with easy access and clear expectations as they enter freelance writing. Before you begin writing for them, you will submit an article that they review and rate out of 5 stars.

Unlike some of the other writing sites, Text Broker reviews your work before you begin writing for them, allowing you to understand what standards you must meet to receive high ratings from clients. While other sites certainly share examples of excellent work and expectations, Text Broker allows you to receive feedback from the company themselves.

The site is divided into only ‘I Need Content’ and ‘I Write Content,’ making it easy to navigate. Once you select ‘I Write Content,’ you will see the various resources and instructions on getting started.

Like the other sites, you will create a writer’s profile so people can select you for their projects. Signing up for an account is free, and payment is different than some of the other sites. Rather than creating a price for a project, you will be paid per word based on your ratings. For example, if you have a 5-star rating, you will be paid $.05/word.

There is also variety in the way you select your jobs. According to their website, You can get an OpenOrder, a DirectOrder, or a TeamOrder.

What makes them great:

  • Paid by word
  • SignUp Article
  • Collaborative writing options

5. Guru

Guru is another freelancing platform with impressive stats. According to their website, it boasts a 99% customer satisfaction rate with $250 million paid to their freelancers.

The writing portion of their website allows you to easy navigate the different writing genres available. You can select more general writing projects, book writing, or more industry-specific jobs. You can browse the job offerings, which offer either hourly payments or a fixed rate to complete a job.

As a seller, you have the opportunity to send the customer a quote for your services, providing you with the autonomy to create your prices for your services. Creating a profile is free for freelancers, and you can allow potential customers to view your credentials and your writing portfolio.

Guru also offers potential for collaborative writing opportunities, so you can build a team to work on projects together. They also claim to have the lowest transaction fee in the business, so the money you earn is largely untouched.

What makes them great:

  • Set your prices
  • Lowest transaction fee
  • Hourly and fixed payment options

6. Freelancer

Freelancer is another more general freelance website that offers writing opportunities. This is another platform that allows you as the writer to bid on jobs. Right off the bat, you’ll be able to see how much the position will pay and its timeline. You can also view how many bids have been made. This can steer you towards jobs you have a great chance of securing.

They offer a free account, so it’s easy to get started here. Quickly after, you can get started browsing the job listings to see the projects for which you are most qualified.

What makes them great:

  • Bidding option
  • Selecting your own jobs
  • Transparency with bids

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour offers a wide variety of freelance jobs, with opportunities to find writing jobs. Their website details how you can “join the elite” and apply to write as one of their well-qualified writers. Unlike many other sites, your application ensures to the platform (and potential future customers) that you’re well-suited to work on their project.

Once you’ve been accepted to begin, you’ll be able to create your free profile and get started on your freelance writing journey. Your profile will showcase your abilities to clients, and you’ll have the opportunity to browse new jobs and write bids for the ones that interest you the most.

The platform encourages you to start with smaller projects so that you can build long-lasting professional relationships. Similar to some of the other platforms, PeoplePerHour encourages collaboration and subsequently provides a project stream to make this process more seamless.

What makes them great:

  • Application process (ensures a good fit)
  • Job bidding
  • Project Stream

8. Free Up

Free Up is a freelancer site that prides itself on matching quality freelancers with great jobs. They require an application for potential writers, with easy options to upload your LinkedIn or Indeed resume and a questionnaire.

If you proceed to the next round, you’ll be asked to complete a short Zoom interview. While the process to begin writing is not as quick as some of the other platforms available, the investment they place into their freelancers demonstrates their dedication to ensuring the customer is pleased and that you have all you need to be successful.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll have access to the job listings and have the opportunity to apply to projects. You’ll be able to set your rates (either fixed or hourly). Finally, you’ll be able to determine your hours working—a slightly more involved process to apply but with the potential for success.

What makes them great:

  • Free monthly webinars
  • Slack community
  • Set own rates

9. Problogger

Problogger differs from many other platforms listed as it doesn’t offer general freelance jobs but focuses solely on blogging. They provide extensive resources to help you build your writing skills and grow as a blogger. They can assist in helping you build your blog if that’s the online writing route you wish to take while also providing job openings for long-term blogging jobs.

Problogger does not require that you create a profile. Instead, it serves as a job board where you can apply directly to the customer. The application is simply your basic information, a short message, and a place to upload any samples you would like the customer to review.

What makes them great:

  • Writing-specific
  • Writing resources
  • Long-term job listings

Wrapping it up

Ultimately, getting started in the world of freelance writing can be intimidating, especially if you’re branching out of your current field. Luckily these freelance writing platforms take much of the guesswork out of the equation and allow you to focus on what truly matters: writing great content.

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