Find a Fulfilling Career: 3 Steps towards a new career path

Find a Fulfilling Career: 3 Steps towards a new career path

From dreary nine-to-five jobs to repetitive freelance gigs, the desire to work in a fulfilling, purpose-driven career is not new in today’s demanding marketplace. Finding a fulfilling career may  seem like a drastic change for some, but for the majority of us, a small intentional change could push us in the right direction. Wherever you are in your professional journey, here are three tips to take a step towards a new, fulfilling career path.

  • Identify your pain points

There’s a strong reason why you’re reading this article, but it’s important to recognise the root cause for  finding a new career path. By identifying your reasons, you’ll be able to address and plan for the right transition. Is it boredom in your role? Do you need to put your hand up for a more challenging task? Or is it office politics? A change in environment or team can give you a fresh perspective on your career.

When you’ve identified your core pain point, you’re better placed to find a lasting solution. Whether it’s an entirely new industry, or a side-step in an existing business, finding fulfilment in your role starts when you answer the tough questions:

Why am I unhappy?

What kind of fulfilment am I seeking?

  • Change one thing

Career changes are much easier said than done. Often, a drastic sea change or a new title won’t bring the career fulfilment you’re after. Large-scale changes can be temporary and short-lived so aim to pivot your career, one step at a time. Before you know it, you’ll look back on a lifetime of career fulfilment.

It could be one different word in every article you write, or an opportunity to dip your toes into a new field with a practical course or a new skill. This allows you to meet like-minded people in the industry as well as expanding your knowledge.

You don’t have to shake everything up at once —  try out a similar position in a different industry, or spend time volunteering for projects to build up your portfolio. For example, an extensive portfolio of work will aid your transition into a UX Design career, so it’s good to start early!

Making small pivots gives you the chance to be realistic about your career decisions and allow room for growth along the way!

  • Know what you’re walking into

Set yourself up for success and happiness with realistic career expectations. Regardless of what the dream career looks like, prepare to work hard, face challenges, and fail often. The dream career can feel like the ultimate escape from your current reality, but remembering that even the best of professions involve hardships will ensure you’re ready and up for the challenge.

Take control of your future with intentional steps towards a fulfilling career. It all starts with one step in the right direction.

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