Fast Facts about Digital Branding

Fast Facts about Digital Branding

People tend to think that Branding is all about visual identity. When you think of branding in the traditional sense, you think about logos, colour schemes and corporate identity indicators like letterheads and business cards. You won’t be wrong if you think this is what branding is. Think for example of brands like Nike and Coke a Cola. Their logos and colour schemes do inspire what you think of them.

You will however be very much mistaken if you think that branding is only about visual identity. Think of it this way. Are you attracted to people based only on what they look like? No, people’s personalities and how they act toward you, other people and situations also play a role in what you think of them. The same applies to branding.

Your personal brand or that of your blog or company is the sum of people’s experience about your brand. This is not only made up of your logo, your blog’s layout, or its colour scheme. These things are important, but they are a very small part of a much larger and more complicated picture.

Remember when I said that we are in the midst of a digital revolution? Well branding is part of that digital revolution. Where people used to passively see ads in newspapers and magazines or see an advert on television and not be able to interact with it, everything has changed.

What has made such a huge difference in how people perceive a brand? Everything! Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more, have made it possible for people to actively engage with your brand and this interactivity has impacted on how everyone see and experience your brand. Reviews on websites, blogs and on Google-my-Business as well as on these social media platforms have also impacted on the whole brand perception.

You see why I say it’s not only about what your brand looks like, but it’s also about how people experience your brand online that matters? This is why its called Digital Branding and why I regard it as part of the Digital Revolution. Every experience that your target audience has of you (including what they read about you on Facebook and Twitter), matter a great deal. A person only has to leave one very nasty and very negative review about you or your business on Facebook and everybody who read it will be affected by it one way or another.

When you decide what the marketing strategy of your business is going to be, think about what you want it to look like online as well as what you want your audience to experience when they visit your website or blog and your social media pages, because your digital brand matters more than what your logo or letterhead looks like.

Please tell me what you think of digital branding and whether you agree that digital brand awareness matters. I look forward to hearing from you. If you want to learn more about how to plan your Marketing Strategy, please sign up for my Newsletter and you will receive a Free 15 Page Guide on this subject.


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