Discussing WordPress as a Blogging Platform

Discussing WordPress as a Blogging Platform



Hi Everyone, Kim here from The Freelance Writing Blog Podcast – the show dedicated to Freelance Writing, Blogging and Online Marketing. For more information on all these topics, visit us at www.freelancewritingblog.com.


Today, I’m here with Eitel Bock, founder of WebScripto and co-founder of The Freelance Writing Blog. Hi, Eitel.

Eitel: Hi Kim, it’s great to be here.

Kim: Yes, it’s exciting how this Show is evolving. Please tell us a little about yourself. I have mentioned that you are the founder of WebScripto.

Eitel: Yes, as you have mentioned in last week’s Show, WebScripto Pty Ltd was established as a Digital Marketing Agency in 2015. This was after a long career as a Trade Union Negotiator and Representative and before that as a Prosecutor and Investigating Officer at the Department of Correctional Services. On the side, I have played in a band (I am a guitarist) and I have written and published some Poetry.

Kim: So, like me, you have been creative in one way or another for many years. You are the co-founder of The Freelance Writing Blog. Tell us more about how that came about and how working with WebScripto influenced that decision.

Eitel: WebScripto was initially established as a Website Design Company but in working with entrepreneurs quickly showed us that we should actually concentrate on the broader field (which includes website design) of Digital Marketing and WebScripto evolved into a Digital Marketing Agency. We have a very good and loyal client base and love doing what we do.

Late in 2017, we talked and decided that we could do more to not only exercise our creative side but also to help other people to realise their own dreams to work from home and still be able to earn a sufficient living. This is where The Freelance Writing Blog comes in.

We read a book written by Robert W. Bly (The Digital Marketing Handbook) and realised that we could expand our existing business along the lines of the Hub-and-Spoke e-commerce model. WebScripto will be the hub and we will explore other avenues of linking spokes to this hub. Obviously, we felt that it (the Hub and the Spokes) should all be related.

Kim: So where does the Freelance Writing Blog fit in?

Eitel: The Freelance Writing Blog saw the light as one of these spokes as we could still explore and share our knowledge in the related field of Digital Marketing. As you know, Blogging is very much a business in its own right, as it takes a tremendous amount of time to not only create it but to make it effective and work as a business. When we first started the Blog, we were pleasantly surprised to see the scale of the interest in The Blog and everything we covered in it. This tells us that people are hungry to learn and to earn a living for themselves.

Kim: What is your area of speciality and what will you be concentrating on in The Blog?

Eitel: Well obviously as a website designer, I will tell people more about WordPress (which is my Platform of choice) and how to start a blog on WordPress and I will also tell our readers and listeners more about certain aspects of digital (or online) marketing.

Kim: Speaking of WordPress, you mention that it is your Blogging platform of choice. Why is that?

Eitel: Well I will obviously talk about it in more detail in coming Podcast Shows, but broadly speaking, I love WordPress because it allows users to publish their latest products or services at a moment’s notice. Once content is added or changed it is available on your website immediately. It’s also very easy to use. Website owners, once they have a properly designed website, can maintain their websites themselves without having to resort to Developers.

Kim: So, it’s user-friendly?’

Eitel: Yes, very user-friendly and keeping your website updated is a breeze. The task can even be automated.

Kim: You mention websites. What about Blogs?

Eitel: WordPress works great for websites, e-commerce stores and Blogs. WordPress was originally created for Bloggers, but website designers quickly saw that it could be very relevant for business websites and e-commerce stores. The design options and themes (we will talk more about that as well in coming shows) are virtually unlimited.

Kim: But isn’t it very expensive?

Eitel: No, WordPress is Open Source. Being Open Source means that WordPress’ Core platform is free. In our books, nothing beats free. The main advantage of being open source is that WordPress has the largest community of users, designers and developers out there. In turn, this means great support groups for entry-level and skilled user alike.

Kim:  OK, so WordPress seems just right for Bloggers. When you look at statistics though, more and more people these days are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. How is WordPress adjusting to that?

Eitel: Yes, even with our Business, we have noted through analytics, that a very large number of visitors to both WebScripto and The Freelance Writing Blog, are accessing our sites with their mobile phones. WordPress is, however, lucky for us and lucky for every Blogger using WordPress as it’s platform, completely mobile friendly (or ‘responsive’ in techie language).

Kim: OK, that addresses mobile phone users, what about search engines. How does WordPress as a blogging platform, fit into the whole idea of search engine optimisation (or SEO)?

Eitel: WordPress has been created in such a way that it is Search Engine Friendly. Its framework is constructed in such a way that it can easily be “crawled” by search engine bots. Click To Tweet In addition, there are a growing number of quality plugins available to enhance a WordPress website’s SEO, plugins like Yoast.

Kim: And things like this Podcasting show for example and other aspects of online marketing like social media optimisation and email marketing (we will talk about those darn lists in shows to come by the way), how does WordPress accommodate these things?

Eitel: Well, WordPress has an answer (or let’s call it a plugin) for almost everything these days. Even this Podcast and autoresponders and bulk email providers are accommodated. This Podcast is hosted on the site with the use of a plugin and even subscribers to our lists are added to the newsletter list by clicking on the subscribe button on the website or blog. All the top autoresponders and email providers, like MailChimp and GetResponse, for example, have integration plugins developed for use on WordPress.

Kim: Listening to everything you tell us about WordPress I want to give my two cents. I like WordPress and I love all the possibilities that come with it to expand one’s business, especially if you’re a blogger, like me, and you’re trying to make a living from it.

Eitel: Yes, in my view, the opportunities that come with owning a WordPress website or blog are almost limitless. I’ve seen and experienced that for myself.

Kim: Eitel, I am looking forward to future discussions and more detail on these topics in Shows to come. Thanks so much for your time. It w talking with you

Eitel: It was a pleasure to be on. Thanks for having me.


We hope you enjoyed the Podcast discussion.

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