Coaching for Community

Coaching for Community

The Non-Profit Organization Coaching for Community launched a new Pro Bono Coaching Platform.
People who are stuck in life and need support can now receive personal one-on-one coaching from vetted expert coaches. FREE of charge!

Coaching for Community (CfC), a Non-Profit Organization founded and operated by international volunteers, announced the launch of a new and innovative pro bono coaching platform which enables people who need support (called coachees) to find matching and vetted expert coaches. These specialist coaches, who offer their services for free on CfC, work together with their coachees to assist them in tackling and overcoming their personal or professional challenges. The personal coaching sessions take place either online or offline, depending on what coach and coachee agree on. Coachees can easily find suitable coaches; either based on using the Coach Search functionality or by taking advantage of the automated matching functionality which proposes specific coaches.

As we´re living in fast-moving, ambiguous, and highly complex times, many people often feel overwhelmed and stressed out. In addition, humanity is facing major global challenges like climate change, resource depletion, rapid technological advancements (AI, robotics, automation), etc. This can easily lead to fear, fatigue, frustration, or disorientation. That´s why it´s important that we have someone at our side who can help us in understanding our obstacles and assisting us to find our own answers, and to reactivate our innate potential so we can move on successfully.

The CfC is looking for coaches who have a respected coaching education, who want to give back to society by offering free coaching who want to meet like-minded expert peers from all over the world, and who enjoy working in a high quality environment. Coaches will have access to various tools, like for example an exclusive online video chat tool for their coaching sessions or a planning calendar, which will make their coaching very efficient. After a completed coaching series, coaches will get detailed and structured feedback from their coachees which they can incorporate into their future coaching if they´d like. This will help them to grow and evolve as coaches.

See the full Press Release here.

To get started, coaches and coachees just have to go here to REGISTER and set up their account.

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