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Are you Listening to your Audience? (Infographic Included)

In one of our previous posts, Fast Facts about Digital Branding, I mentioned that people tend to think that Branding is all about visual identity, but that any brand (irrespective of whether it is a personal or a business brand), is the sum of people’s experience of you. I also indicated that how people experience your brand online matters and that in the midst of this Digital Revolution, so to speak, you need to pay attention to the digital branding of your personal brand (or that of your company).

This is why content marketing, and how you do it, plays such an important role in today’s digital world. Kelsey Jones from Salesforce (2017), put together a very good Infographic of how (and to what) you can pay attention to what your audience tells you, what they want to experience in relation to your brand.

Content Marketing: Are you Listening to your Audience?

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Your audience is telling you what content they want. Are you listening?

Via Salesforce


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