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Our aim is to make information about writing and how you can make a career of it as accessible and useful as possible.

A Little about Me

I write for individuals, big & small companies, and Blogs. I am an experienced Negotiator (Industrial Relations) and I am currently the Marketing Manager for WebScripto.

I have published my first novel (a Historical Romance) in 2009 and I have written countless Magazine Articles, Press Releases and Newsletters during my career at the Union.

Both during my career in the Public Service and the Union I have compiled and presented various courses helping people to understand HR and Labour Relations.

My studies in Psychology and in Labour Relations helped me to understand people and what motivates them during their everyday lives and in their workplaces. As a negotiator, the skills of influencing others to see your point of view were acquired and are applied in my current position as Freelance Copywriter and Online Marketer. I hope to transfer these skills to my students as well.

I am also a Certified Master Life Coach, which encompasses Professional Life Coaching, Life Purpose Coaching, Goal Success Coaching and Happiness Life Coaching.

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I’m Kim Bock

How We Started

Together with my husband, Eitel, who is the owner of WebScripto, we started The Freelance Writing Blog on April 2018.

Our journey is quite exciting (from our perspective). My husband and I met each other at the trade union we were working for in 2001. He worked in our Cape Town office and I worked at the Head Office in Pretoria. We never met until 2001 and we were married about 4 months later! Here we are, more than 16 years later and still very happy.

Both of us consider ourselves to be creative people. I wrote and published a novel and Eitel wrote poetry and played the guitar in a band. He was also very good with computers and subsequently decided to take a course in Website Design which he passed at the University of Cape Town.

During 2015 we decided that we were ready to quit our day jobs and start the next leg of our journey together. Both of us have been negotiators, so we knew and liked people and also how to get the best for them, sometimes under very difficult circumstances. We consequently knew we still belonged in the ‘people business’. We established a Website Design Company (WebScripto Pty Ltd) which quickly evolved into a Digital Marketing Agency. We have a very good and loyal client base and love doing what we do.

Late in 2017, we talked and decided that we could do more to not only exercise our creative side, but also to help other people to realise their own dreams to work from home and still be able to earn a sufficient living. This is where The Freelance Writing Blog comes in.

We soon realised that we could expand our existing business along the lines of the Hub-and-Spoke ecommerce model. WebScripto will be the hub and we will explore other avenues of linking spokes to this hub. Obviously we felt that it (the Hub and the Spokes) should all be related.

The Freelance Writing Blog saw the light as one of these spokes as we could still explore and share our knowledge in the related field of Digital Marketing. Blogging is very much a business in its own right, as it takes a tremendous amount of time to not only create it, but to make it effective and work as a business. The subjects we will cover in this Blog will all deal with Blogging, Freelance Writing and Online Marketing and of course – how you can make a living from it.

We have already received so many questions and such a huge interest from people who saw and read the Blog and wished to know more about Blogging and Freelance Writing as a career. We have subsequently decided to include a series of Podcast Episodes which will be launched on 15 August and we will also expand the Blog to include online video and email courses, as well as webinars to provide our subscribers with the information relating to everything we have learned since establishing our first Business.

Our aim is to design and launch a couple of Premium courses on starting a career as a Freelance Writer, Blogging and website design which is all part of the package of Digital Marketing. We have not determined the launch date yet, but our intention is to do this by no later than 1 May 2019 (exciting we know!!) 

We love what we do and we want other creative entrepreneurs to also experience the joy (and challenges) of starting a career in which you can grow and work from home as much as possible. 

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Eitel and Kim Bock

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