About The Freelance Writing Blog

Our aim is to make information about writing and how you can make a career of it as accessible and useful as possible.

A Little about Me

I write for individuals, big & small companies, and Blogs. I have written countless Magazine Articles, Press Releases and Newsletters during my career.


Freelancer working from home

I’m Edwin

How We Started

We started The Freelance Writing Blog on April 2018. 

The Freelance Writing Blog saw the light as one of these spokes as we could still explore and share our knowledge in the related field of Digital Marketing. Blogging is very much a business in its own right, as it takes a tremendous amount of time to not only create it, but to make it effective and work as a business. The subjects we will cover in this Blog will all deal with Blogging, Freelance Writing and Online Marketing and of course – how you can make a living from it.

We have already received so many questions and such a huge interest from people who saw and read the Blog and wished to know more about Blogging and Freelance Writing as a career.

Our aim is to design and launch a couple of Premium courses on starting a career as a Freelance Writer, Blogging and website design which is all part of the package of Digital Marketing. We have not determined the launch date yet, but our intention is to do this by no later than 1 May 2019 (exciting we know!!)

We love what we do and we want other creative entrepreneurs to also experience the joy (and challenges) of starting a career in which you can grow and work from home as much as possible.

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