5 Inspirational Places to Write Outside Your Home

5 Inspirational Places to Write Outside Your Home

Just as we discussed in ‘So You Want to Become a Freelance Writer?’, it takes a lot to succeed in this profession – the confidence and the self-control to work in your own time. If that doesn’t faze you it may just be the job for you. You’ll have time to travel and restore your work-life balance while still doing something that you love. Sometimes, however, one of the disadvantages of freelancing is running into writer’s block from staying in the same environment all the time. All you may really need though is a change of scenery for a surge in inspiration. Getting out of the house once in a while can be beneficial for you.

If you’re sick and tired of writing at home, here are some suggestions of places you can explore to turn into your temporary office. You can find similar places within your own vicinity and will see the difference in your quality of work once you start exploring new environments. After all, this is one of the best things about freelancing.


If you need a little bit of visual stimuli, there’s no better place to seek this than in a museum. You can spend some time roaming around halls or galleries and find serenity in being amidst the beauty of art. Author Melissa Grey continues to visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art in Manhattan, with her favourite spot to mull over a story being the sculpture gallery as she admires the fountain at the centre of it. Within the Tate Modern in London, you’re sure to find little nook and crannies to get some work done as they unveiled a ten-story expansion in 2016. The museum houses a fantastic collection of modern art and large-scale sculptures and installations for you to observe before getting down to writing on your own. It’s also a great spot for people watching as you get your creative juices flowing.

Coffee Shops

Famous writer J.K. Rowling once said that “It’s no secret that the best place to write is in a café.” The Elephant House Café in Edinburgh is what is known as the birthplace of Harry Potter, where Rowling found comfort in knowing that she wasn’t in solitary confinement. She enjoyed the warmth and comfort of the space, while not having to make her own coffee. Paris is another literary haven, where famous writers from all around the world started their careers from the ground up, and where many modern writers still find themselves doing the same. Les Deux Magots in Saint-Germain-des-Prés has become an institution as it was once frequented by patrons such as Simone de Beauvoir, James Joyce, and Ernest Hemingway. It continues to welcome aspiring creatives looking for good food and drinks, and anyone wishing to breathe in the air that these literary icons did back in the day.

Libraries or Bookstores

[bctt tweet=”Being a part of a co-working space can help you become more productive as you will be surrounded by other busy people. Oftentimes, co-working spaces have everything you need when it comes to writing.” username=”kim_freelancer”]They offer a number of amenities such as stable Wi-Fi connection, a network of like minded individuals to share ideas with, and even much-needed sustenance to fuel your writing. Many libraries and bookstores have quiet seating areas or desks for you to get down to business. The State Library of Victoria in Melbourne is one of the brightest and most beautiful libraries in the world, with study carrels and communal desks for you to go about your work while being in the silent comfort of other people. You’ll even have access to free WiFi and printing services. San Francisco’s City Lights Bookstore is another historic landmark that was once the hub of the literary counterculture movement and Beat Generation of the mid-century. Its poetry room upstairs offers just the right amount of peace and light for your writing – and reading – as they carry books old and new for you to peruse or purchase as a reward.

Coworking Spaces

Being a part of a coworking space can help you become more productive as you will be surrounded by other busy people. Oftentimes, coworking spaces have everything you need when it comes to writing. They offer a number of amenities such as stable Wi-Fi connection, a network of like-minded individuals to share ideas with, and even much-needed sustenance to fuel your writing. Just as important for any creative, coworking firm Industrious outlines these spaces will have a free supply of coffee along with flexible membership options if you’re frequently on the go. Coworking spaces have locations in every major city across the US, which is practical for travellers who still need to squeeze in some work when they’re on the go. Akro also has locations in South Africa, with its newly refurbished branch near Long Street close to the CBD. Visitors will be happy to hear that they offer 24/7 Internet access and a rec room when you can play some games for a much-needed break.


If you’re willing to literally step outside and work outdoors, parks are a great place to get some Vitamin D which is hard to come by when you’re used to sitting in front of your computer all day. If you ever find yourself in Thailand, pay a visit to the Doi Inthanon National Park in Chiang Mai as it is famous for its waterfalls, caves, and mountains, while also serving as an ecosystem for over 360 bird species. Don’t forget to bring your binoculars do so some bird watching when you’re tired of looking at your screen. On the other hand, the vast Garden Route National Park in the Eastern & Western Cape of South Africa stretches across one of the most beautiful parts of the country. You can rent out a chalet or a room in a bed and breakfast for your own little writing retreat, and just step outside for a walk if you’re stumped with an idea and need to recharge.

Your job as a freelancer allows you to make money while you have the chance to go out and explore – don’t waste it! While you may not get to tick off all of these places from your list, we hope you’ve gotten the inspiration to scope out other places to do your writing – wherever you are in the world. If you want more freelancing tips and advice to excel in your freelancing career, do check out our other posts on Freelance Writing Blog.

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