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The mission of The Freelance Writing Blog is to reach creative entrepreneurs and to provide tips, resources and guidance on Blogging, Copywriting, Freelance Writing and Content Marketing. Our aim is to make information about writing and how you can make a career of it as accessible and useful as possible.



All the latest News and Information about Blogging, Freelance Writing and Copywriting is at your finger tips. We also have a lot of tips for Bloggers and Writers. Visit the Blog!

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All Bloggers needs a Resource Library to use when creating their own stunning Blog and content. It only makes sense to not reinvent the wheel and also to save a huge amount of time.


We teach Bloggers, Freelance Writers and Creative Entrepreneurs about all the building blocks of writing and blogging and how to make a living working from home.

Certification as a Master Life Coach

The Blog was launched in April 2018. The goal of the Blog is to provide tips on Blogging and Freelance Writing.
I am a writer and I love to be creative (writing is an art in my opinion). I have however “grown” a lot since 2018. As I love to help people and have qualifications in Psychology (I have obtained a BA (Hons) Degree majoring in Psychology), I decided to undergo some training in Life Coaching and was certified as a Master Life Coach during 2019. I hope to help Readers of my Blog to obtain success in their careers and to achieve the Entrepreneurial Goals that they are striving for.


Professional Life Coach
Professional Life Coach
Life Purpose Coach
Goal Success Life Coach
Happiness Life Coach

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